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Amy Polinsky is a businesswoman, brand owner, entrepreneur, fitness trainer, and athlete.

She is a successful brand owner who is gaining a lot of success in the United States.

She and Corey ended their relationship after over ten years of marriage together for personal reasons.

Amy Polinsky Biography

She was born January 16, 1980. Amy Polinsky will be 43 years old in 2023.

Her father’s name is Mr. Polinsky. There is nothing concerning his life that has been mentioned.

Her mother’s name is Mrs. Polinsky. She is also unfamiliar with this Point, with no understanding of the public.

She has failed to go in deep concerning her she did her growing up with her parents.

After high school, Polinsky got admission into Nova Southeastern University.

In 2002, she got an ME in Special Education at Waynesburg University.

Corey Graves Wife

Amy Polinsky and Corey Graves were once together as husband and wife in their short marriage.

Their marriage between each other happened way back in 2009.

Their romance culminated after 11 years of union.

Her former husband was in a scandal that involved cheating with female wrestler Carmella.

Amy made a public declaration of her husband’s cheating and relationship online.

She deleted the Instagram posts after the WWE contacted her to solve their problems personally.

Before she deleted the posts, thousands of fans had screenshots of the messages and images she shared on Instagram.

Mathew later denied the allegations of cheating from his ex-wife at that time.

In 2019, Amy and Corey end their 11 years of union.

Amy and her former spouse, Mathew, got married in 2011.

Matthew Polinsky, famous as Corey Graves, is a retired WWE fighter and a match commentator.

Mathew started his career as a fighter from 2002 to 2007. He joined the WWE in 2009 and retired after eight years in 2017.

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Polinsky Career

Amy started her professional career as a teacher before becoming a fitness coach.

She likes to keep details about her career secret from the public for personal reasons.

She has good body physic for a fitness trainer.

Despite being a fitness trainer, Polinsky has different stunning body tattoos.

She participated in a competition in 2018 to get featured on the cover of one of the best tattoo magazines in the world, inked Magazine.

Polinsky and her former husband, Corey, formed a Stay Down Inc company.

The company focused on fitness training, selling gym equipment, and others.

Corey is the company’s President, Stay Down, and Polinsky is the Vice-President.

Amy started a boutique in 2013 named Basil Rose Boutique back.

At Basil Rose Boutique, females could find new clothes, accessories, and more that suited them.

However, the boutique lasted for only two years due to personal issues. Polinsky moved back to Pennsylvania to stay closer to her family.

By July 2019, She sold the boutique and everything related to the business. She has plans to open another boutique in the future.

Her partner Cory Graves had so much success in his active days in the ring and now doing well as a commentator.

Graves joined Michael Cole and Byron Saxton as color commentators on the first Raw episode after the brand split on July 25.

On the May 29 episode of Crude, Graves would straightforwardly answer Crude senior supervisor Kurt Point about some “shocking data” that was shipped off to him about Point, with Point letting Graves know that assuming the news broke out, it would destroy him.

Cass admitted in the video that he had attacked Enzo Amore, then attacked Amore again, effectively dissolving the team.

Angle would continue to receive support from Graves regarding the personal information sent to him.

Afterward, it was declared that Graves would now be a pundit and investigator for SmackDown.

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Following WrestleMania 37, Graves took Samoa Joe’s place in the Raw broadcast booth on April 12, 2021.

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Graves would win the WWE 24/7 Championship on November 8 by infalling Akira Tozawa at ringside, only to lose it to Byron Saxton immediately after that.

On April 4, 2022, episode of Crude, after Graves’ better half, Carmella was gone after by her label group accomplice, Zelina Vega, for losing the WWE Ladies’ Label Group Titles at Wrestlemania 38, Graves supported her at ringside at last dividing a kiss among the two.

Corey Graves is a massive part of the WWE Family where he stays on a place till this moment.

Amy Polinsky’s Net Worth

Her net worth is $450,000. Amy Polinsky’s source of wealth remains a mystery to this moment.

Her former husband, Corey Graves, has a net worth of $3 million, and he earned an average of $500,000 per year.

He is one of the biggest names in WWE, where he has been for a long time since his fighting days.

Cory is a big name. Many fighters of his time have shared their success story with him.

Amy Polinsky and Cory Graves had their moment, which was beautiful, before going their separate ways.

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