FT: Linares 1-2 Barcelona, Ousmane Dembele STRIKES! | HIGHLIGHTS

Barcelona came from behind to beat Linares Deportivo 1-2 in the Copa del Rey as Ousmane Dembele scored, Breaking Sport News reports.

First Half Report

It wasn’t a good first half encounter from the visiting side who couldn’t make anything happen under 45 minutes of football played between them both.

Barcelona started the game well as they controlled things going forward with good defending coming from them, but they couldn’t make anything happen.

Linares Deportivo scored the opening goal in the 19th minute after a good buildup saw them hitting the laliga side to make the scoreline 1-0 going forward.

Things continued in the first half with Barca pushing with everything they have to offer but nothing seems to be happening with more opportunities wasted.

The first half came to an end with Linares Deportivo 1-0 Barcelona after an amazing 45 minutes coming from the lower League side.

Second Half Report

The second half wasn’t like the same coming from the visitors who made sure them sealed the comeback in a game which could have been worst.

Linares Deportivo still carry on protecting their advantage going forward with so much pressure coming from their opponent who were relentless.

Barcelona managed to pull the leveler in the 63rd minute thanks to Ousmane Dembele who pulled through for his side to make the scoreline 1-1 with an outstanding finish.

Ferran Jutgla smashed another one in the 69th minute making sure his side took the lead after just scoring to come back in the encounter making things 1-2 as it progressed.

Things continued looking good as Barca pushed for more goals to kill off the encounter as it progressed further with so much opportunities.

The match came to an end with Linares Deportivo 1-2 Barcelona which saw Xavi Hernandez and his players getting the job done from a narrow victory.

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