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FT: Morocco 2-0 Comoros, Selim Amallah STRIKES! | HIGHLIGHTS

Selim Amallah and Aboukhlal scored as Morocco beat Comoros 2-0 in the AFCON as Youssef En-Nesyri missed a penalty, Breaking Sport News reports.

First Half Report

Both Countries kicked off the first half with so much power going forward as Morocco looked to book their ticket into the next round after winning their first game respectively.

Comoros had so much work to do as in the early minutes of the encounter which saw their opponent making things happening while going forward.

Things were looking good for Morocco who made it count in the 16th minute with a goal coming through from Selim Amallah which saw the scoreline turned 1-0 from a stunning finish.

It was more boring as the match entered the last few minutes left which no goal was scored despite everything done from both ends to get a goal to change things, it was all for nothing.

The first half of the encounter ended with Morocco 1-0 Comoros as they both went inside for the break after 45 minutes of football with all the advantages going to the home side for the match.

Second Half Report

The second half was more of the same like the first 45 minutes in which was a hard fought encounter that saw a penalty being missed by the home side for the day.

Morocco continued to push forward but looked very poor when they get close to scoring which always get kicked away by their opponent before they reach the goalkeeper as it carried on.

Comoros gained a bit control of the ball possession which saw them doing more of the playing against a side who have already have the lead to their side.

En-Nesyri could have made things 2-0 in the 83rd minutes but he stepped up and missed a penalty which would have finished things.

Zakaria Aboukhlal doubled the lead in 88th minute which saw the home side for the encounter increasing their advantage to 2-0 from a clean finish.


The match ended with Morocco beating Comoros 2-0 as they claimed three points heading into the last game of the group stages which they already qualified.

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