Amanda Balionis Bio Career Net Worth

Amanda Balionis is a golf reporter and announcer for the popular sports network CBS.

Over the years, she has created a brand for herself, becoming one of the best professional golf reporters amongst his other colleagues.

She has been showered with praise and good comments about her professionalism in handling herself during interviews.

Her achievement over the past years working for CBS Sports has earned her so much in her career.

Amanda Balionis Biography

She was born June 20, 1987 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the United States.

Her father’s name is Anthony, and her mother’smother’s is Dana. Amanda Balionis also appears as the name Amanda Jacqueline Renner.

She is 36 years old as of 2023 and celebrates her birthday in grand style every June.

There isn’t much out about her life as she is known for being private about her family and others.

Her growing up was so engaging for her as she has always had to passion for journalism.

She attended Manheim Township High School in her home place, Pennsylvania.

Her time in the public school ran from 2000-2004, and she enrolled where she studied Broadcast Journalism.

Amanda Balionis was very active in her University, where she was involved with a local radio station called WRHU.

That wasn’t her only involvement; she also ventured into more, such as the Chronicle Student Newspaper.

Her involvement with the Association for Women in Communications was the highlight of her University days before graduating in 2008.

She is staying with her husband, Bryn Renner, an American football coach and former quarterback.

Her life today is filled with so many things she wished for when growing up with her parents.

Amanda Career

Amanda Balionis’s career started when she was still at the University, as her dedication to broadcasting and journalism pushed her further.

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The biggest joy of pursuing her career was that her parents were big sports enthusiasts, which they were there to encounter all along.

Her career in broadcasting was already hitting a certain point despite being a student, which saw her intern with CBS 2 and ABC News Now.

While still studying, she also did internships with others, such as the New York Islanders and the New York Jets.

In 2008, she graduated with a degree, which led her to go deep into the world of Journalism after her years in school.

Her first gig was as a reporter for the local Lancaster Newspaper, where she worked with them for one year.

During her first gig, She hosted a weekly online section along with some producing and editing a ridge of sporting fractions.

Her career in the TV world started when she got a job with Verizon Sports as a freelance sideline reporter covering Rutgers women’s soccer.

In her first television gig, she also covered basketball, among other high school team sports.

Amanda Balionis was getting so much appraisal while moving from one position to another until she landed a bigger job in 2011.

She joined PGA Tour Digital as an anchor and presenter In March 2011 and worked for five years.

She established part of numerous shows, including A Tour Live, while working with them.

In 2013, during the PGA Tour, she worked at two major events, The Masters and British Open in Scotland, as the only American with other colleagues were all British.

Things were moving fast as she joined Callaway Golf, where she was a host and presenter.

She remains a team member at Callaway and a contributor for Turner Sports Digital.

She joined CBS Sports Golf Team in 2017, which was the biggest highlight of her career moving forward.

She became one of the main controllers of the mobile 72-inch SmartCart screen, another step up for her career.

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The 36-year-old has hosted numerous CBS golf areas throughout the year and other sporting events.

In 2019, she got the biggest opportunity to cover a Super Bowl in Atlanta, which the Patriots won.

Her popularity skyrocketed when she had an interview with Dustin Johnson, who was emotional after winning the Masters in 2020.

Balionis Husband

She is married to Bryn Renner, and they both work towards making a family and building on their careers.

They have been doing well since they decided to take each other on dates and spend quality time alone.

Things have always clicked between the two, who had earlier fallen for themselves but decided to take things slow.

Their relationship during the early days was kept far from the public as they wanted to avoid speculations.

Their marriage took place in 2022, and it has been a wonderful journey for the pair, who still await an addition to their family.

Amanda and Bryn’s wedding was a wonderful event in Florida, where most of their family attended.

They are still enjoying the Euphoria of their union, which is barely one year of living as husband and wife.

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Amanda Balionis is not big on making things about her marriage with Bryn public, as they barely put much online.

They prefer staying in with themselves as their major concern remains to build a life free of social media scandal.

The duo have shared some interesting love language and connections, mostly on special events they post about themselves.

Amanda Balionis Net Worth

She has a net worth of $1 Million. Amanda has worked as a reporter, broadcaster, and presenter.

The exact value is unknown to the public, but sources confirmed that the figure she earns per annum is about $17,000.

It was estimated that she would earn the region between $37,446 to $147,782 yearly.

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Amanda Balionis is making moves in her career as she remains a top name who generates more income.

Her role as a reporter has always been on the move to a higher position until this day when she commands much respect.

Her years of experience have helped her get recognition, which is also attached to an increment of pay.

Amanda Balionis is among the richest golf reporters, as she has established a name for herself over the years.

Amanda Balionis does not have a child for now, which gives her more time to focus on her job and husband.

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