FT: Man City 2-0 Brentford, Kevin de Bruyne STRIKES! (VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Riyad Mahrez and Kevin de Bruyne scored as Man City beat Brentford 2-0, Breaking Sport News reports.

First Half Report

Manchester City started the game as the better between both teams who had a fair amount of opportunities in the first half.

Brentford held things down as it progressed with them soaking in a lot of pressure which was thrown by them by the home side.

Man City continued with their dominance but the goal wasn’t coming through for them as so much was thrown in and the away side put up a solid wall.

A penalty goal from Riyad Mahrez in the 40th minute ensured Pep Guardiola’s took a lead which was well deserved as the scoreline turned 1-0 going forward.

The first half ended with Man City 1-0 Brentford as they both went inside for the break with all the advantage going to the home side who had total control of things.

Second Half Report

More coming in the second half which opened up well with so much happening just like it was in the first 45 minutes of football played.

Man City maintained their dominance as they carried on searching for another one which failed to happen immediately as the away side had good defense setup.

It was good for Brentford who continued doing everything possible to make sure the scoreline remained in a way that wont be embarrassing for them as they hit one hour mark.

A 69th minute stunner from Kevin de Bruyne who reacted first to a loosed ball which saw the Belgian making no mistake in turning the scoreline to 2-0 as the match was already looking won.

Nothing else was recorded as Man City end up winning the match 2-0 against Brentford who gave them a good run for their money but didn’t do well enough as they suffer defeat.

Watch Highlight Below:

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