FT: Man United 0-0 Watford, Ronaldo Miss Huge Chance (VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Cristiano Ronaldo miss huge chance as Man United were held to a goalless 0-0 draw against Watford, Breaking Sport News reports.

First Half Report

Both teams had a good enough first half encounter which saw them doing well enough at the back but couldn’t make anything count on goal.

It was a fair game which saw Man United dominating as Cristiano Ronaldo attempts hit the woodwork which could have easily gave them an early advantage.

Watford were good at their defending which saw them being able to soak in all the pressure that came from the home side who kept creating opportunities back to back.

Nothing happen as they carried on with the first half hitting the 30 minutes mark but still no goal to report between them in the encounter.

The first half ended with Man United 0-0 Watford as they both had to settle for a goalless scoreline heading inside for the break after 45 minutes of football played.

Second Half Report

Things started in the same pace as it was in the first half which couldn’t provide anything good between them as more opportunities were created.

Watford still held on well as they carried on with hopes of making sure they can keep things the same until the end of the encounter which will mean so much for them.

Man United were still pushing with all they have to make sure something good happen, but still they couldn’t as they approached the one hour mark going forward.

Things were still looking the same with no goal as they entered the final 10 minutes with Manchester United doing more of the pressing going forward.

Still no breakthrough as the match ended with Man United 0-0 Watford with both teams settling for a goalless draw after 90 minutes of football played between them at Old Trafford.

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Watch Highlights Below:


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