BREAKING! Kieran Trippier CONFIRM Out For Six Weeks By Newcastle United

Newcastle United has been dealt with a big blow as their new signing Kieran Trippier has bee ruled out, Breaking Sport News reports.

The player who was the man of the match during their clash against Aston Villa has now been confirmed to be out after the encounter yesterday.

Kieran Trippier was instrumental in their win against Aston Villa which gave them more boost jumping out of the relegation zone.

Newcastle United had an amazing game against Steven Gerrard team yesterday as they both clashed in the English Premier League.

The match started with both teams going head to head against each other as the England International was doing perfectly well.

Nothing happened between them all through the half hour mark which saw the scoreline remained in 0-0 goalless.

Kieran Trippier scored a free kick in the 35th minute which gave Newcastle United the lead of the encounter as they carried on moving forward.

The game continued with the player still on the pitch doing the needful for his club as they were looking at another win with first half still going on.

In the second half just 3 minutes gone Kieran Trippier was caught down injured in the clash which immediately led to him being substituted by the manager.

The match ended with just that one goal winning the encounter for Newcastle United who are now off the relegation after staying there for the first half of the season.

According to reports reaching us from

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