Canon W. Jack Curry Bio Birthday: Stephen Curry Son

Canon W. Jack Curry is a celebrity child and the only son of Basketball star Stephen Curry.

He is one of the popularly known celebrity kids in the United States of America just like his siblings.

He is also the favorite of the family as he has a great bond with his father who wants him to follow in his footsteps.

Canon W. Jack Curry Biography

He was born on July 2nd, 2018 to a lovely family of four with both are well-known parents celebrities.

His place of birth is in Oakland, California, the United States of America where he currently still lives with his family.

Canon W. Jack Curry is 3 years old but will turn 4 as of July 2nd, 2022, which is when he will celebrate his birthday.

He is the last born of the family and first son making him the man of the house after his father.

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The name of his parents is Stephen Curry, a father who is a professional basketball player for Golden State Warriors.

While his mother Ayesha Curry is an actress and a television personality who is also a cookbook author.

His birth was premature as his mother gave birth to him two weeks before the normal due date.

The two proud parents took to social media to announce the birth of their son who came as an early surprise.

Canon W. Jack Curry is named after his grandfathers from both parents which formed the full names he was given.

Canon has two siblings who are both his sisters older than him, while he is the last for the kids.

The name of his sisters are Riley Elizabeth Curry who is the elder followed by Ryan Carson Curry.

The two sisters are well known in the United States of America which is where they were all raised since their birth with their brother.

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Riley the eldest was born on July 19, 2012, in Charlotte, while Ryan’s birth was on July 10, 2015, in Oakland both in United States.

They all live happily together with their parents who show them so much love every day of their lives.

Stephen Curry Son

Canon W. Jack Curry is the son of Golden State Warriors Basketball player Stephen Curry.

He welcomed his first son with his wife Ayesha Curry who has been a lovely mother to all the kids.

Stephen shares a good bond with his son who might be going in the same direction as him in the future.

He wastes no time in showing off his son who has been killing it on social media just like his father.

He was born on March 14, 1988, in the same hospital as LA Lakers player Lebron James in Akron, Ohio.

Coming from a family whose father’s name is Dell Curry, an ex Basketball player.

His mother Sonya is an educator. Stephen Curry grew up attending his father’s games with his other brother Seth, who are both still actively playing the game.

His career wasn’t that easy as he was rejected once due to his slender stature which saw him decide for Davidson College.

His college career was unbelievable as scored 15 points in his first game and went on to double it 32 in his second.

He finished the season as second best behind Kevin Durant of Texas who was also another kid doing magic.

His time at college was the best which he set many records and achieved so much before moving on to pro.

He was selected by Golden State Warriors in 2009 as the seventh overall pick in the draft for that year.

That was how he started off making a name for himself as one of the best in the history of Basketball.

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He is hoping his son Canon W. Jack Curry would follow the line as the sport has always run in the family.

His son has been attending his games since he was just a few months old with several videos and pictures.

One of the most adorable thing between the father and son was when Canon refuses to leave the court for one of his games.

He had to come to pick him up as they were about to resume a game that was ongoing during that moment.

Canon W. Jack Curry at two years old thought his father was a golfer according to his mother Ayesha who revealed it during one of her shows.

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