Cristiano Ronaldo CONFIRM Update On Future Over Exit (DETAILS)

Cristiano Ronaldo has been the centre attention over his Manchester United future, Breaking Sport News reports.

He has been rumored to he frustrated with his say at Manchester United this season which has been very poor.

Cristiano Ronaldo has come out to clarify things as he gave update about his decision concern the club over possible exit.

The Portuguese has been a key figure for the club who has been struggling to remain consistent in the English Premier League.

Despite the signing of Ralf Rangnick, the Old Trafford club has been unable to produce good results which have affected their season so badly.

Manchester United are currently out of running race for any title both local and Europe as they also face fight to finish top four.

That has led to many questions surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo future with the club, if he will stay or leave when the summer window open for business.

Although no club has been able to make any offer for him knowing he still have one more year on his contract with Manchester United.

The forward has also come out to earlier said he will see off with contract with the Premier League side despite call of him likely to leave.

Things might be looking to take a different twist as

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