English Premier League Highest-paid Players 2022 List LEAKED!

Manchester United players are now top of Premier League’s Highest-paid footballers in 2022, Breaking Sport News reports. 

A new analysis by French Newspaper L’Equipe has revealed that four of the Premier League’s top five earners are Manchester United players.

The Red Devils are spending a lot of money on wages but have not been able to win a trophy for years now.

United also got eliminated in the Champions League last-16 to Atletico Madrid.

However, Manchester United still have the highest wage bill in the English Premier League.

Cristiano Ronaldo is top of the chart as the highest-paid player in the Premier League since his return to United.

Premier League Highest-paid Players 2022

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – Man Utd (£26.4m)

2. De Bruyne – Man City (£20.4m)

3. David De Gea – Man Utd (£19.2m)

4. Jadon Sancho – Man Utd (£18m)

5. Raphael Varane – Man Utd (£15.6m)

Players wages per year in brackets shown above.

Ronaldo, who arrived back at United this season earns a shocking £2.2m per month and £26.4m per year.

The Portuguese start takes the first spot in the top five list with good gap.

Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne is the 2nd most paid player in the Premier League.

The Belgian earns £1.7m a month and £20.4m per year.

Man United Goalkeeper De Gea earns £1.6m per month and is the third-highest paid player in the Premier League.

To complete the top five list are two more Manchester United players with Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane.

Sancho is the fourth Highest-paid player in the Premier League and takes home £1.5m per month, and £18m annually.

He signed for United in the summer in the £73m transfer from Borussia Dortmund.

Despite a poor start, Sancho is starting to show his real form in recent weeks for Manchester United.

However, Raphael Varane earns £1.3m per month, and is the fifth Highest-paid in the Premier League.

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Varane joined the Red Devils in a £42m transfer from Real Madrid last summer.

The Frenchman has not yet impressed as fans expected at the start of the season.

According to Forbes, Manchester United are the fourth richest football club in the world, with a value of £2.9billion.

In total, Manchester United’s payroll per year to players is currently at £388m.

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