FT: AC Milan 0-0 Inter, Rivalry Ends In DRAW! (VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

AC Milan and Inter held each other to a goalless draw 0-0 in the Coppa Italia semifinal first leg, Breaking Sport News reports.

First Half Report

The first half was evenly matched between both teams in the Coppa Italia as they were unable to break down each other in attack.

AC Milan Vs Inter Milan started well as both teams had a fair amount of opportunities created going forward but nothing happened between them as it carried on.

They continued doing well enough to make sure everything was fine with their defending but going forward wasn’t that good enough as they couldn’t make use of their opportunities.

The game continues to talk about except for more wasted opportunities going forward and nothing coming through with h final 10 minutes left to be played between them.

It ended in the first half with AC Milan 0-0 Inter Milan as they both headed inside for the break with nothing to separate them after 45 minutes played.

Second Half Report

The second half lit up good as more opportunities kept on coming through from both ends but making good use of it proved very difficult to happen.

Nothing changed as AC Milan did more of the pressing which wasn’t looking good for the away side, but they did well enough to soak in all the pressure.

Inter Milan also had some moments which could have given them some things good but they couldn’t capitalize on it as the match carried on further.

The scoreline remained goalless as they hit the remaining 10 minutes left to be played in the encounter which was still how it started off without anything happening.

The match ended with AC Milan 0-0 Inter as they both settled for a goalless draw after 90 minutes of the encounter which will see a winner be decided in the return leg.

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Watch Highlights Below:


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