Maureen Brady Bio Career Tom Brady Sister

Maureen Brady is a gym instructor, author, and the elder sister to NFL star player Tom Brady.

She has done well for herself over the years with her being known as the strongest athlete in the family.

She is also a former Athlete who engaged in so many sporting events during her youth days growing up.

Maureen Brady Biography

She was born on 6th February in the 1970s, in San Mateo, California United States of America.

Her real birth year has not been unveiled to the public yet but we can narrow it down to about 1977.

She is in her late 40s as of 2022 she will clock 45 years old on February 6 of this year.

Maureen Brady was born to the family of Galynn Patricia Johnson’s mother and father Thomas Brady Sr.

She is the eldest of her family which consists of other siblings with one popularly known NFL star.

Names of her other siblings include Nancy, Julie, and Tom making them four children of their parents.

Nancy’s details are not on the internet as many results proved abortive in getting more information about her.

Although she is the second born of the family which is followed by Julie who was born on August 3, 1974.

She is often referred to as Tom Brady‘s twin sister because their birth month is the same.

Tom is the last of the family with all three big sisters who they all lived together growing up.

The whole family is involved in sports in one way or another which saw Maureen also taking over the same line.

All the siblings do participate in numerous sporting events during their days in school.

She attended Hillsdale high school in California before graduating with so many universities lined up for her.

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She decided to carry on at Fresno State University which was a decision based on their softball program.

Maureen Career

She had an amazing career which was primarily on playing softball and soccer while growing up.

Maureen Brady did very well in the two sports she participated in during her high school days which she was a two-year letter winner in soccer.

She carried on similarly to become a four-year letter winner in softball where she made a name for herself.

She was named Junior of the year in 1990 after which she created a 111-10 career record which included 14 perfect games.

Her record is still one of the best in the state to date as nobody has been able to break such a feat done by her.

She participated in the Junior Olympic Games In Australia back in 1991 which was also another breakthrough for her.

Maureen decided to attend Fresno State University despite the options she had in front of her which included UC Berkeley, Arizona, and the pacific.

She went on doing well and setting many records which saw her being inducted into their sports hall of fame in 1999 by San Mateo County.

Maureen Kids

She is blessed with two daughters named Maya and Hannah which are the only kids in her life.

Maureen Brady is a single mother as she is no longer married to her husband and father of her kids Brian Timmons.

Her daughter does use her last name Brady despite once living as a family in Bakersfield, California United States.

They all live together happily with their mother as their only support with their father is out of the picture.

Tom Brady Sister

Maureen Brady is the elder sister to an American football quarterback Tom Brady.

Both of them are close as he learned a lot from her growing up together with him being the only son and last of the family.

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Tom Brady has managed to make a name for himself despite living under the shadow of his sisters who all started well in their early days.

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He was born on August 3, 1977, in San Mateo, California, which is the same place as his big sisters.

His life has been very good starting off his career brilliantly which was at the University of Michigan in the year 1995 to 1999.

He was drafted in 2000 as the 199th pick by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League (NFL) side.

Maureen Brady has been a big influence in the life of Tom Brady who has said it on many occasions during his interviews.

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