BREAKING! Football Agent Mino Raiola Confirmed Not DEAD

Erling Haaland agent Mino Raiola was earlier speculated to be dead according to major sources. 

Top football agent Mino Raiola for players like Paul Pogba and Erling Haaland has been confirmed dead, according to early reports.

The news broke out that Mino Raiola has been confirmed dead in a publication which many sources have now confirmed to be true.

He is currently in the middle of sealing one of the biggest football moves in history in Erling Haaland who is expected to join Manchester City.

The news could be a big deal-breaker for the move which was already being talked about with Mino Raiola taking charge of everything.

The top football agent has been confirmed dead after battling an illness that unfortunately, he couldn’t overcome after treatment.

Families and well wishes have all taken to social media to share their messages praying for the Italian.

The Italian is currently one of the best agents with so many top players as clients who he is working with.

With his death, it might hit all of his clients so badly that they could put a pause on what is currently going on.

The biggest deal he is about to complete is Erling Haaland with a source confirming the deal is almost done.

More details about his health condition will be posted in subsequent updates u will be getting from us today.

More updates reaching us can confirm that the news was not real as Mino Raiola is currently fighting for his life and not dead as claimed.

He just also confirmed via his social media account that he is still alive and both dead.

Check back for more updates…

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