Daniela Rajic Bio Nude Paul George Wife

Daniela Rajic is an American stripper, model, and wife of NBA team LA Clippers player Paul George.

She has done so much for herself from being just a stripper to being the wife of a popular figure.

Her career has already earned so much for her as she continues to model for top brands in America.

Daniela Rajic Biography

She was born on the 12th, of November 1990 in Queens, New York in the United States of America.

Daniela Rajic is of Serbian descent but an American citizen by birth and she has lived almost all her life in the US.

Nothing much has been made public about her parents or family background where she comes from.

Many diggings have been made concerning her personal life, but all was abortive as only a few details could be seen about her.

She has a sibling named Kristina Rajic who is her younger sister and the only family member known about her.

She will clock 32 years old on November 12th, 2022 which is when all her birthdays are being celebrated with families.

Her growing-up experience wasn’t that made known to the public but she lived most of her life in America.

Nothing much was also made public about her education if she did have any during her growing up.

Although we expect she did have some education that could have seen her finish at least College.

Most of her life has been about her hustle as a stripper which is nothing hidden from the public.

Just like Cardi B and others who were once a stripper, she made it through life by paying bills and keeping up herself.

She’s no longer into the job after meeting her husband Paul George they are both raising a family together.

Aside from her job as a stripper, she’s also a model who earn a lot from her job over the past few years.

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Daniela Rajic also co-owns a swimsuit line with a fellow basketball player’s wife where they run the business together.

The fame of being associated with an NBA superstar has taken her to another level in her career.

Daniela Nude

Daniela Rajic is known for going nude in the early stages of her life when she used to be a full-time stripper.

Although the mother of three has moved on into other ventures in her life which also involves her modeling.

Her switch in career has been a smooth transition and she’s still making a name for herself and getting paid.

Over the years she has continued taking care of her body which for her is the money maker.

At 30 years plus she’s still looking hot in a much younger body, and her figure looks intact.

She wastes no time in flaunting her hot body on her social media account which she always gets high interaction from fans.

She has over 223k followers and still counting with millions of likes and comments on her posts.

Despite giving birth to three children she still carries on maintaining her perfect shape and figure.

She remains one of the hottest celebrity wives who are well endowed after 3 children in the United States of America.

Paul George Wife

Daniela Rajic is the wife of legendary Los Angeles Clipper’s power forward Paul George.

Their relationship started back in 2013 which was a low-key thing behind closed doors.

They met each other on a couple of occasions which led to her getting pregnant in 2014.

It wasn’t a good experience for her as their boyfriend Paul George didn’t accept responsibility for the pregnancy.

She was offered 1$ million to abort the pregnancy which she went against and kept and never troubled him.

Daniela Rajic gave birth to a baby girl named Olivia on May 1, 2014, after months of keeping the pregnancy she was told to abort.

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She filed for a lawsuit after a few weeks coming out from the hospital in Manhattan Family Court.

The case hit the NBA player so hard as his representatives denied reports of the player offering $1 million for the abortion.

She also claimed she was forced into carrying out the operation which was against her will.

Their relationship ended following the court case as she moved back to New York to live with her family.

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In 2017, the case was already resolved with Paul George taking full responsibility after confirming the baby was his.

Their relationship became stronger than ever as they gave birth to their second child Natasha in April 2018.

It has been a thing of joy with their 3rd child who was made public on October 4th, 2021, via her social media account.

Their baby boy was named after his father Paul Vuk George who should be one year old in 2022.

Daniela Rajic and Paul George are currently engaged and soon to walk down the aisle and get married.

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