Diana Ohashi Bio Katelyn Ohashi Mother

Diana Ohashi is a former athlete and the mother of former American artistic gymnast Katelyn Ohashi.

She has been the biggest fan of her daughter who both went through the same path in careers.

Aside from being the mother of a successful gymnast, she also had it good during her active days.

Diana Ohashi Biography

She was born on January 25, 1957, and no details were revealed as to which location she was given birth.

Diana Ohashi might have been born in Germany where she is originally from before meeting her husband.

Her birth name was Diana Lorraine Bernert which was later changed by her after marriage.

She already clocks at 65 years old as of 2022 after just adding another year to her age and still kicking strong with her daughter.

Her early age was good as she did excel well in her studies that just a few pieces of information were made public.

We tried to search for more details but it was all abortive with us being able to grab a little bit of information about her education life.

She attended Blue Springs High School which is the only thing we can find about her education.

We also couldn’t find any names of her parents while growing up including her siblings.

She did live in a lovely home that also had so much support to give her when she decided to follow the same path as her daughter.

Diana Ohashi was also a gymnast like her daughter with her being one of the well-known figures during her younger age in Germany.

A gymnast doesn’t always have a long career as the sport could only be done professionally until a certain age.

Although despite exceeding past that age, most of them still have it in them as long as they maintain their body with training.

She did make the best of her time as a gymnast just like her daughter did hers with full family support.

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Diana Children

Diana Ohashi is blessed with three children and she gave birth to all of them with her husband Richard Ohashi.

They are of mixed heritage of Japanese-Germany but all have American citizenship as it is where they lived all their lives.

The names of her three children are Katelyn, Kalen, Ryan, and Kyle who all have amazing careers going well for them.

They all reside and work in the United States of America where all their livelihood has been since birth.

They have managed to maintain their tradition despite being far away from their hometown mostly the father who is from an Asian community.

It has not been confirmed if the children have been to their parent’s hometown in Japan or Germany.

Their family is a rare one to see and they have managed to get their name in the history book through Katelyn.

Katelyn Ohashi is the youngest of them all born on April 12, 1997, and is also a famous individual of the family.

Kalen is the youngest of the two brothers and he currently works as an assistant at WOGA Gymnastics.

While Kyle is a successful corporate card administrator who works at Nordstrom in Renton, Washington.

Not much information about the eldest of them Ryan Black who is half related to them and her mother’s first son in another relationship.

They all are doing well in their respective fields thanks to the amazing life and support given to them by their parents who made a lot of sacrifices.

Katelyn Ohashi Mother

Diana Ohashi is the mother of former American gymnast and model Katelyn Ohashi.

They both share so much in common and understands each other better than the rest of their family members.

Aside from being both former gymnasts, they share a great bond as a mother and only daughter relationship.

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Diana and her husband Richard Ohashi had so much sacrifice to do to make sure Katelyn had the best of her career.

During their daughter young 9, they decided it was best to move to another city where she could get the best training.

In 2006, their family made a decision that made a huge impact on their daughter’s life of growing into an elite gymnast.

The decision saw their mother Diana alongside Kalen and Katelyn moved to Kansas City, Missouri.

That was a tough decision that had to be made as the family split into two halves with Richard staying back with Ryan and Kyle.

The move was the best thing despite how hard it looked at that certain time as it did help them push the last born to greatness.

Diana Ohashi has always been the biggest inspiration to her daughter Katelyn Ohashi’s successful career.

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