FT: Everton 1-0 Man United, Devils UCL Hopes CRASH! (VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Anthony Gordon’s first-half goal dealt a heavy blow to Man United Champions League hope as they lost 1-0 to Everton, Breaking Sport News reports.

First Half Report

Good 45 minutes of football coming from both teams who did well enough going forward in attacking and defending as just one goal was scored.

Man United had a brilliant start to the first half of the encounter which saw them creating a few early opportunities which almost resulted in a goal being scored for them.

Everton continued holding off and at the same time moving forward in numbers to ensure something good comes out of all their effort which hasn’t been paying off in their last couple of games.

Anthony Gordon put the Toffees ahead in the 27th minute after scoring an outstanding goal which was from a deflected strike beating the goalkeeper to make it 1-0 for the home side.

That goal proved to be the only game-changer as the first half of the encounter ended with Everton taking a 1-0 advantage into the break against Man United after 45 minutes played.

Second Half Report

The second half kicked off with so much coming from the Old Trafford club who were eager to come back level in the match which was slowly slipping away from them.

Everton looked good than they were in their last few games and they made sure their defending was on point with the pressure doubling down on them that wasn’t looking fine.

Man United had to make a couple of changes as the match progressed with them fighting to get the equalizer which continued to look very difficult to get for them as it carried on hitting one hour mark.

Nothing changed with them hitting additional time as the Toffees made sure they didn’t allow anything past time with a few minutes left to be played.

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The match ended with Everton keeping their 1-0 result against Man United who is once again hit with another shocking defeat putting their Champions League hope in shambles.

Watch Highlights Below:


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