Cheryl Plaza Vieira Bio: Patrick Vieira Wife

Cheryl Plaza Vieira is an entrepreneur and the wife of legendary football player now manager Patrick Vieira.

She is a successful woman who has played a major role in the life of many people around her.

Despite having to share the spotlight with her husband, she has managed to find a way of keeping things about herself private.

Cheryl Plaza Vieira Biography

She was born in 1968 in Trinidad and Tobago which is where she’s originally from.

Cheryl Plaza Vieira will be 54 years old as of 2022 which is when she marks every added year of her life with family.

Many details are missing about her and it has made it difficult to conclude other things about her including her birth month.

Her date of birth is a bit off, but only the year could be found and nothing else is known about that to date.

She is of Trinidadian heritage which is where both of her parents came from and lived all their lives.

The names of Cheryl’s parents are Cecil Blackman who is her father, and mother Marcelline Wilma Plaza.

They both played a huge part in raising their daughter to be the incredible woman she is today.

It wasn’t an easy childhood for her, but with all the effort of her parents while growing up it was all made easy.

She has two other siblings she grew up with as a child living under the same roof with their parents.

Their names are Gillian and Curtis whose date of birth has not been made public by their sister who is a well-known figure.

Cheryl Plaza Vieira’s educational life was all done in Trinidad and Tobago which is where she did most of her growing up.

She completed age grade and high school around her community where she lived alongside her two siblings.

Despite the limited details we have about how things went, u can confirm she did have it good with everything.

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She later made it through to the University where she furthered her education by getting a degree.

Her major wasn’t made public as we don’t know what she studied at the University, but it is claimed to be a business course.

Cheryl Children

Cheryl Plaza Vieira is a mother of one child which is a daughter named Cheries who was born with her husband.

There isn’t much made public about her daughter whose information has been kept a secret with just her name being known.

The mother and daughter hardly talk about their private life which has made it difficult to find more about them.

But we can confirm the daughter is her current husband Patrick Vieira who they have been married for a long time with just her as their only child.

Her daughter was first claimed to be living in Trinidad and Tobago away from her parents some years ago.

Although she later moved in to live closer to her parents who have been a major part of her life.

Cheryl has managed to be there for her daughter over the years as they have so much in common.

Both parents have always made themselves available for their only daughter regardless of how busy they are.

Cheryl Family Disaster

Cheryl Plaza Vieira’s family was hit by a disaster that happened with her parents which led to the death of her mother.

It was just another normal day the family was never expecting something bad to happen to them.

It all happened in 2008 when their family house was hit by a fire accident which destroyed their livelihood.

That incident is one the family doesn’t want to have stock in their memories anytime longer as it cost them so much.

The fire killed Cheryl’s mother Marcelline who couldn’t escape or be saved when it all started.

The 63-year-old woman wasn’t so lucky as others who were in the house when the fire started.

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She and her husband, children, and grandchildren were in the house during that day, and one of her children Curtis was caught by the fire.

Curtis’s body was a bit burnt during the fire, but he was quickly rescued and attended to by the hospital who helped save him.

The fire pulled their home down destroying everything they have built from the scratch.

Patrick Vieira Wife 

Cheryl Plaza Vieira is the wife of France International former football player and now manager Patrick Vieira.

The couple has been together for ages despite the wife previously in two marriages before meeting Vieira.

Their relationship is good and has been doing so much well since it started at a younger age.

They both have so much together as far back as when they started dating each other to when they got married.

So much can be said about their love life as it’s one thing they both waste no time in sharing with the public.

Cheryl was a single woman after ending her past relationship before meeting the love of her life in 1998.

It was in England during an event attended by both of them, and that was how it all started.

The relationship was kept on a low key while they secretly met with each other until it was made a public thing.

Their first picture together in public was with the footballer during France’s triumph at the Euro 2000.

It was also claimed that Patrick had already introduced Cheryl to some members of his family earlier.

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In 2002, they officially confirm dating each other as things got serious between them.

They both moved in together as they planned a future knowing what they wanted to do with their lives.

In 2005, it was wedding bell rang as the couple tied the knot in a small ceremony that was attended by families.

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Their marriage was registered at the Chelsea register office which was where the event happened.

They both have been a huge part of each other success stories with them having one child together.

Cheryl Plaza Vieira has always gone out of her way to support her husband Patrick Vieira who has been making success as a football manager in England.

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