FT: Chelsea 1-1 Leicester City, Marcos Alonso Rescue Point (VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Marcos Alonso goal helped Chelsea rescue one point as they played against Leicester City 1-1, Breaking Sport News reports.

First Half Report

Both teams had something to celebrate in the first half of the encounter which was a good one coming from them.

Chelsea started well but feel down early in the encounter as James Maddison scored an amazing solo goal giving his side a 0-1 lead in the 6th minutes.

The game continued with Leicester City holding things down while they made sure their lead remain intact as the encounter carried on further.

Reece James setup Marcos Alonso in the 34th minute which the Spain International finished off neatly bringing the Blues back into the game 1-1 as things went on further.

That goal saw the game pushed on forward with more opportunities but none of it could make it hitting the back of the net as they enter the final few minutes.

The first half ended with Chelsea 1-1 Leicester City as they both went inside for the break after 45 minutes of football played.

Second Half Report

The second half wasn’t that bad for both teams who continued holding off themselves from making anything else count in the match.

Chelsea were good with the opportunities going forward as they were hoping to make something happen but it failed to happen so for them despite how close they came.

Leicester City were okay to keep the result as they narrowly escaped a clean opportunity on goal which Christian Pulisic missed woefully.

It was looking unbearable as the opportunities kept on coming but none of them could make it count mostly the home team who created more.

Things refused to change as it was fast becoming a game that no goal could be scored and it ended with Chelsea 1-1 Leicester City after 90 minutes played between them.

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Watch Highlights Below:


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