Genoveffa Darone Bio Height Lorenzo Insigne Wife

Genoveffa Darone is a businesswoman and the wife of Italian International football player Lorenzo Insigne.

Genoveffa is known to be very humble and diligent, she is hardworking which has helped so much in her career.

Before She met Lorenzo, she lived a life that is comfortable for her not minding people’s opinions.

Genoveffa Darone Biography

She was born on the 24th of September 1993 into the family of Flavio and Evelina in Frattamaggior, Italy.

Genoveffa Darone had a good growing up with her parents and siblings who all lived together happily.

Her father Flavio used to be a farmer which was what he used to provide for everything their family needed while her children were growing up.

His farm was sometimes a place where Genoveffa and her siblings goes to play and also get some work done after school.

She will clock 29 years old when it gets to September which is the date she and her loved ones celebrate their birthdays together.

She has three siblings named Lucia, Violetta, and Roberto whom they all did their growing up together under their parent’s guidance.

Growing up wasn’t an easy life but her parents made sure all their households never require anything they needed.

Genoveffa is from a Christian home and her Zodiac sign is Cancer because of that she is very compassionate and defensive.

She was known to be the good child of her parents who spent most of the time staying around her parents.

Information about the birthdays of her siblings was not made public as we can’t confirm if she is older than both of them.

But according to what we have seen she might be the last born of the family due to her age which is still under 30.

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Genoveffa Education

Genoveffa Darone education was like every other kid growing up who had the same privilege of learning.

Her parents made sure their child had the best education despite them being local people who own a farm.

Both her father and mother were supportive of their daughter’s education alongside her siblings.

She attended her primary school at M. Stanzione which is a local school close to her home.

It is the same as her siblings who attended the same school growing up in their hometown.

She was known to be a hard-working student who did well in her primary school just as her parents expected.

She moved on to bag a degree in creative arts at the University of Naples where she did well enough to come out with good results.

Her education prepared her well for her career knowing it won’t be an easy field when she is grown up.

Thanks to her parent, she had everything she need to complete her education from a kid to a grown-up teenager before graduating with a degree.

Genoveffa Children

Genoveffa Darone is a happy mother with two children with her husband who is a well-known individual.

Their marriage together has been fruitful over the years as they are both proud parents who have made everything possible.

They both have two amazing children in their lives who have been a blessing and so much you for the couple.

Their names are Carmine and Christian who are both boys and are the only children of the family.

She and Husband Lorenzo Insigne welcomed their first child together back on 4 April 2013 which they made public via social media.

It was a joyful moment for the proud parents who were ushered into parenthood with the birth of Carmine.

He is 9 years old as of 2022 with his birthday already celebrated back in April of this year.

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He is the oldest of the family who welcomed their second born child Christian in 2015 making him 7 years old.

Both children are the only ones in their family who have been living together with them supporting their father in most of his games.

Their parent makes sure they work hard enough to put their family needs first above every other thing needed.

Both children have shown signs of following in the footstep of their father, but they are still young.

Maybe they might decide to follow a career in football or move on to something else.

We have seen few football players who groom their children to continue their legacy and also create a path for themselves.

Lorenzo Insigne Wife

Genoveffa Darone is the wife of Italy and Napoli football club footballer Lorenzo Insigne.

They have been together for ages which have helped in building a good foundation for their relationship over the years.

Despite being a housewife she still makes headline news, due to her looks people perceive her to be a model while she is not.

She is very productive and considers family first in whatever she does.

Genoveffa Darone is a woman that gives all her attention to her children and makes sure her home is well organized.

Her love life with Lorenzo started when they met in Naples and since then they are always seeing together.

At which time her husband was playing on loan with Pescara while trying to establish himself as one of the best players.

Things picked off immediately with them getting to go out on several dates which ended with them making it official.

They started dating as together making them happy and the footballer times were busy but he does find time to be with Genoveffa.

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They got engaged and married in 2012 after years of dating and getting to know themselves better.

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Their bond grew stronger and better after they tied the knot as husband and wife who were in love.

However, in the meantime, Genoveffa is not engaged in any career or charity organization.

She only takes care of her home, kids, and husband and that makes her see them as her most priority.

Although from time to time she gets engaged with some little things which few are joint with her husband.

Genoveffa Darone and Lorenzo Insigne have had so many memories together and are still creating more as a couple and parents.

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