Laura Zazzara Bio: Marco Verratti Wife

Laura Zazzara is a supermodel and the former wife of Italy footballer Marco Verratti.

She is known to be a creative lady, hardworking, and technically brilliant playmaker in her career field.

After getting married to Marco, the Italian footballer, she became popular and she is also a model.

Laura Zazzara Biography

She was born on May 12, 1992, in Ohio, located in the United States of America.

Laura Zazzara will be 30 years old as of 2022, with her birthday being May 12th, which family and friends gather to celebrate with her.

She is of the Taurus zodiac sign. The supermodel has not disclosed her personal information to the public or media houses.

She is an American citizen, and both of her parents stayed giving birth to her.

Information on her parents’ names or where they both come from originally hasn’t been made public but is expected of one to be an American.

Although we can confirm Laura’s father and mother, on the other hand, divorced when she was seven years old.

Her mother worked as a nurse registered in a hospital back when she was still younger.

It wasn’t a good one for her at such young age, dealing with such from her parents growing up.

Laura Zazzara and her siblings were also raised by Laura’s mother, a single mom handling everything.

Their father wasn’t part of their life as he moved on, allowing his wife to handle the children.

It wasn’t easy during her younger age, knowing her mother was the only one made available.

Her education was good; despite all, she managed to excel well in school as one of the brilliant students.

There is no information about her age, grade, and high school.

She must have gotten her degree in a public University because of how good her career started.

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Laura Career

Laura Zazzara is a model, businesswoman, and entrepreneur by career.

Before meeting her husband, she had done so well for herself, and he skyrocketed her to that next level.

Her career as a model kicked off a long time ago, back in 2009, when she finished her education.

She had some gigs with top fashion companies that had things going for her in the real world.

Her career was boosted by doing runway shows for top agencies and brands that paid her well.

One of the biggest highlights of her career was when she did the runway for Amazon fashion week in 2011.

That helped her put her name on the world map as one of the top models making the wave.

Laura Zazzara had other hot jobs which she made a fortune while still trying to figure out herself.

Another breakthrough was when she had to work with ESPN, which lasted for a while before moving on.

She had an illustrious career from an early age, and she is still going strong with what she does today.

Laura Relationship Scandal

Laura Zazzara’s relationship hit a major scandal that led to their separation from their former husband, Marco Verratti.

Like every relationship which started good, there got to be a time when the affair faced challenges.

That was her story, but unfortunately, it couldn’t stand the test of time as everything ended.

Laura Zazzara and Marco Verratti were childhood lovers who had been together for a long time.

Things looked good between them with so much understanding, which made them stick together for that long.

Their relationship was made serious when they grew much other, with them deciding to make it official.

It started when she was just a 16-year-old lady and was seen by a football player.

Things got more serious with them getting engaged with official announcements made public.

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It was going well as they had their wedding in July 2015, a huge ceremony attended by many names.

At this point, they gave birth to two children, who are both male children, all their time together.

Then the lowest of all happened when they started having issues in their relationship.

Early in 2019, their divorce was made official, and they went their separate ways with them sharing custody of their kids.

The reason for divorce wasn’t made official, but they both claimed it was on mutual understanding.

Marco Verratti Wife

Laura Zazzara is the former wife of Paris Saint Germain football club and Italy International player Marco Verratti.

Their relationship was good until everything crashed down despite two children being involved.

Their children’s names are Tomasso and Andrea Verratti, who are both sons of both parents.

The couple welcomed their first child in 2014, and made it official on their social media.

He is currently 8 years old, and his birthday was recently celebrated this year, 2022.

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Their second child together was born in 2016, two years later.

Their second will be 6 years making him just 3 when both parents decided to separate.

Laura Zazzara’s divorce from ex-husband Marco Verratti was one of the biggest scandals of her life, but everything moved on.

The Italy football player was quick to move on as he started dating another model named Jessica Aidi.

They both officially got married in July 2021, two years after his first marriage ended with two children.

Many had suspected the player might have seen Aidi when he was still married.

Although there was no evidence, the player wasted no time finding love while whereas Laura is yet to go into any relationship till now.

Laura Zazzara and Marco Verratti still maintain a good relationship only because of the children they had during their time together.

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