Marcia Aoki Bio Age Career Pele Wife

Marcia Aoki is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, and the wife of Brazil legendary footballer Pele.

Her status was made famous after getting married to the former footballer who is well known all over the globe.

She is also a career woman who has done so much for herself before being married to her husband who is a well-known figure.

Marcia Aoki Biography

She was born in 1966 in Penápolis São Paulo which is located in Brazil where she did her growing up.

Marcia Aoki is of mixed ethnicity of Japanese and Brazil by both parents who share the two heritage.

She will hit 56 years old as of 2022 the milestone of her age will be celebrated as it has always been for her.

Her growing up was good with both parents being there for her alongside the community in which she was born.

The names of her parents are, Paulo Aoki who is her father, and her mother Isaura Aoki who both did a good job for their daughter.

It wasn’t so hard for her growing up with her parents who did as much as everything to ensure she had it going well.

She has one sibling who is named Carlos Alberto Aoki, which is her younger brother whom she grew up with.

Both of them share a great bond and connection from an early age to when they are fully grown and mature.

There isn’t much about Marcia Aoki’s educational life which hasn’t been revealed to the media with her keeping a low profile.

Although it is expected that she did have some sort of education that made her what she is today.

She and her brother started off attending a local school in Brazil where she lived most of her life.

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Later on, moving on to get her degree from a prestigious University which helped in her career today.

Despite nothing revealed, she did excel well with her education which is already evidence of her practices as a successful woman.

Marcia Age

Marcia Aoki is a 56 year old woman of age who was born in 1966 in Brazil to her mixed parents.

She looks good at her age which has sometimes been confused by media with many not knowing her exact birth date.

Although after our digging who confirmed she was born in 1966 but no confirmed month of the day.

Many things about her have been kept private with her being the kind of celebrity wife that keeps their personal life closed.

Despite her low-key lifestyle some facts and details about her have hit the internet which isn’t that bad for a celebrity wife who is married to Pele.

As a woman of her age, she has managed to maintain a good body figure which has enabled her to keep looking young.

It is rare to see few people taking care of their bodies at such an age knowing they have to be their best whenever they make public appearances.

Marcia Career

Marcia Aoki is into business deadlines as a businesswoman who has ventured into many enterprises.

After getting done with her education, she ventured into the real world as an entrepreneur just like her parents.

She has managed to achieve so much for herself despite the limited resources she had bad then as a young lady.

Her first gig was dealing in the medical sector where she supplied tools and other stuff.

She is still into it as of today which is where her priorities are mainly focused as a successful woman.

Her working relationship with clients and business associates has seen her become a huge name in the medical sector.

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Things hit a new dimension when she got married to her husband who is a well-known figure all over the world.

Pele Wife

Marcia Aoki is the 3rd wife of legendary Brazilian World Cup-winning footballer Pele.

They both have been together for a long time with her being the third wife to be married to the ex-footballer.

Their relationship has a lot of stories behind it before they fell and started dating which has led to today.

The duo met first in 1980 during their time in New York, the United States of America where they were at a party.

It was a good fate that brought them together as they took off from there getting to know each other as friends.

Although things didn’t hit off from there as Pele was already married and Marcia was in a serious relationship.

Things started well when they found each other in 2008 living on the same block and it was at that time she was going through an issue with her former husband.

It was said that their relationship started in 2010 when they were seen together on a couple of occasions which began with an invite.

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Their dating rumors weren’t confirmed as things carried on until several years later it was confirmed that they were getting married.

Their wedding happened on July 10, 2016, at Guaruja in Sao Paulo which is located in Brazil.

They have continued to blossom as a couple happily married despite some storms that hit their relationship.

Marcia Aoki and Pele have remained together and they don’t have a child together aside from the ones they did have already.

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