Olivia Naylor Bio: John Stones Girlfriend

Olivia Naylor is a makeup artist and girlfriend of Manchester City player John Stones.

She is a professional cosmetologist in her practice.

She has earned everything she has accomplished over the years by putting in a lot of effort.

In the early years of their relationship, the fans had a hard time understanding her love story with John Stones, since at the time, the English defender was in a serious relationship with the woman who had been his childhood lover.

Despite this, the pair have developed a deep bond and, at this point, appears to be inseparable.

Over the past several years, Stones has elevated himself to the level of one of the premier defenders in the Premier League.

Football fans are not surprised by his professional choices or personality traits because of this reason.

On the other hand, many people are completely unaware of his romantic history.

Today, we will examine his romantic life in great detail, and we are going to share a lot of interesting information about the stunning woman he is presently dating.

Therefore, be sure to remain tuned for further information on the girlfriend of John Stones.

Olivia Naylor Biography

She was born on July 11, 1989. Olivia Naylor is the kind of person who keeps herself busy with her profession and does not make a significant number of appearances in public.

She has a strong desire to keep her personal life away from the general public’s scrutiny. She doesn’t provide the media with a lot of information about herself.

She has not yet divulged any information concerning her mother and father.

It is not completely clear whether or not she has any siblings.

We are currently looking for the missing information, and if we come across any additional data, we will be sure to update the page.

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Keep an eye out for further information regarding the woman who is John Stones’ girlfriend.

Olivia Naylor is 5 feet 4 inches (165 cm) tall and weighs 55 kg.

She maintains a healthy lifestyle and has an attractive body due to her efforts.

Olivia is making an effort to exercise as frequently as she can and eating complete foods packed to the brim with beneficial macronutrients.

She graduated as one of the best students from a high school in her home town.

After that, she hasn’t said whether or not she will continue her education by enrolling in a college course.

However, we are aware that she attended several classes on caring for her eyebrows and applying cosmetics properly.

In addition to that, she holds a plethora of certifications in the fields mentioned above.

We feel that because she was so dedicated to the idea of having a successful career in the cosmetics industry, she chose to go after her goal full-time rather than enrol in college.

Olivia’s Career

Olivia is a top cosmetics artist in the United Kingdom.

She has honed her craft over the years to the point where she is now considered an authority on the art of permanent eyebrow tattooing.

Her work has helped develop into a profitable business, and she now owns her makeup studio, Olivia Naylor Clinic and Brow and Blade.

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She has been working in this industry for more than seven years now. In addition to that, she runs a makeup school where she instructs newbies about the cosmetics industry and trains them.

John Stones Girlfriend


Olivia Naylor is the girlfriend of John Stones, a football player. In 2019, John Stones and his girlfriend Olivia had their first date at a bar.

After their first meeting, the couple fell in love at first sight. They began spending time together, during which they uncovered a wealth of fascinating information about one another.

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The Manchester City defender has fallen in love before, however.

Millie Savage was his childhood sweetheart, and they had a long-term romance.

The couple also had a child. And so, it came as quite a shock to many of his followers when he called it quits on their £3.4 million Manchester property in late 2018.

Right now, Olivia Naylor and John Stones do not have a child together. However, the English defender is a father thanks to a child he had with a previous partner.

Stones began his career with the senior team while playing for Barnsley FC.

Everton found him one year after making his senior debut and signed him to a contract.

After enjoying a period of sustained success with the Merseyside club, he switched to Manchester City in 2016.

He became a top defender during his career. He contributed to Pep Guardiola’s club, winning many trophies over the last few years at the Premier League club.

Additionally, he competed for England and made it to the final of EURO 2020.

This season at City, he has slid farther and further down the pecking order.

It is currently unknown whether Pep Guardiola will require his services next season, given that he already possesses a large number of high-quality defenders.

Olivia Naylor’s Net Worth


She has a net worth of $700,000. Olivia Naylor earns enough from her clinic and her academy.

Her two brands bring in a significant amount of revenue, but her clinic brings in significantly more.

It is estimated that Stones has a net worth of €45 Million, which is a much bigger amount. At Manchester City, he earns $9.5 million each year in salary.

Olivia is on Instagram, and you can follow her via (@olivianaylorclinic).

The majority of her clinical work is presented in the form of posts.

Olivia Naylor utilizes her account for marketing purposes the vast majority of the time.

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