Sabrina Kvist Jensen Bio Christian Eriksen Wife

Sabrina Kvist Jensen is a professional stylist, hairdresser, and the wife of Denmark football player Christian Eriksen.

She is a well-accomplished mother and wife and she has managed to build a family with her husband and children.

Aside from being the wife of a famous footballer, she has also gone on to make things happen for herself with her career.

Sabrina Kvist Jensen Biography

She was born on the 26th of August, 1994 in Tommerup which is in Denmark her hometown.

Sabrina Kvist Jensen will be 28 years old by August 26th as of 2022 which is when she will add another year to her age.

There is so much information about her growing up which has been kept private with nothing revealed to the media.

She is one of those wives of celebrities who keeps their private life away from the media as nothing can be seen about her parents.

Despite several findings, nothing can be seen as to who her mother and father are including their names.

Nothing can also be seen on her siblings if she does have of them who she grew up in Denmark.

Although what we can say about her is that during her growing up she had so much love around her.

Her parents made themselves available to support her by making sure she got the best education as a kid.

Concerning her educational life, she did attend a private grade before moving on to high school which was close to her hometown.

Despite limited information being made public, we can confirm she also did attend University where she bagged a degree.

The name of the University wasn’t made public, and all her education was done in Denmark growing up.

Sabrina Kvist Jensen did well enough for herself by also making sure she learn other crafts despite her education.

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Sabrina Career

Sabrina Kvist Jensen has enjoyed so much in her career as a professional stylist and hairdresser.

She has managed to do well for herself before meeting her husband who added so much to her in terms of popularity.

Aside from being a successful career woman, she is also a celebrity well known both in Denmark and all over the world.

Christian Eriksen status has helped her in getting to the level where she works with big names and top brands all over the world.

She is a well-known stylist who has worked with so many clients in England where she currently lives with her husband.

She owns a clothing brand that is run by her employees who she pays to keep the own organization running nonstop.

Aside from that, she is also a professional hairdresser who make hair for client and so far she has many top names on her list.

Despite her busy schedule as a mother, she has continued to push her brand and career forward with her having so much more to achieve in life.

She could also pass as a model by her advertising most of her clothing which is mostly seen on her before going into the market.

Sabrina Children

She is a blessed mother who has two children one named Alfred her son and a daughter whose name has been unknown.

Sabrina Kvist Jensen is a successful career woman and also a blessed mother who has made sure she provides everything possible for her children.

Her first child Alfred Eriksen was born on the 4th of June 2018 which was before the last FIFA World Cup.

He will be 4 years old as of June 4th, 2022 and his birthday will be celebrated by family and loved ones on that date.

Her son has been part of the journey with her husband who currently plays for Brentford’s side in England.

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They both welcomed their second daughter in December 2020 which had so much controversy to her birth.

It was claimed Sabrina cheated on Eriksen with then former teammate Jan Vertonghen.

But the rumors were quickly rubbished by the couple including the said Belgium International who was involved.

That might also be another reason why the name of their daughter has been kept a secret to avoid more stories.

Sabrina Kvist Jensen has continued to enjoy life with her children and husband who loves her unconditionally.

Christian Eriksen Wife

Sabrina Kvist Jensen is the wife of Denmark and Brentford football club player Christian Eriksen.

Their relationship has been faced with so much from the media and their personal life which the whole world watched live Tv.

Things started well between them as their dating hit off in August 2012 during which time her husband was a player under Ajax.

It was a love story that happened quickly with them both deciding to go out with each other with things moving very seriously.

Sabrina sacrificed her life in Denmark just to make sure their relationship grow as the player was then in the Netherlands with Ajax.

She has been there with Christian who was moving to different places and cities with his football career growing.

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They both have yet to officially tie the knot, but it is claimed that they already exchanged vows in the presence of their families and loved ones.

When Eriksen got his big break to move to England, it was a dream that both of them got a mansion which they moved in together.

Since then they have moved back and forth to Italy where he played with Inter Milan before returning to England.

England could be their permanent home as he is expected to join another English Premier League side during the summer transfer window.

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The couple already has been blessed with two children of their own which are a son and a daughter.

Their first son Alfred was born in 2018 while their daughter was welcomed two years later in 2020.

They have been hit with a huge scandal as fake reports made headlines that Sabrina had a hidden relationship with Vertonghen.

Both of them have moved on from that as they continue to live happily despite the EURO 2020 shock in which the player collapsed on the pitch.

Sabrina Kvist Jensen was inconsolable when he saw Christian Eriksen lifeless on the pitch, and things have seen then been perfect for them.

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