FT: Liverpool 2-1 Ajax, Joel Matip Score Late WINNER! (VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Joel Matip scored the late winner as Liverpool beat Ajax 2-1 in the UEFA Champions League, Breaking Sport News reports.

First Half Report

The first half was entertaining coming from both teams who gave a good account of themselves in the encounter.

Ajax held on perfectly in the first 15 minutes which saw them making sure nothing goes past their defense and cause any issues for their goalkeeper.

Liverpool had to wait until the 17th minute to make something happen in the match thanks to an amazing finish from Mohamed Salah who was able to make it 1-0 as it continued.

The game was looking sharp as the away side pulled back level immediately in the 27th minute through a stunning goal scored by Mohammed Kudus who was able to make it 1-1 for the match.

That goal was enough to see the first half come to an end with Liverpool being held to a 1-1 draw against Ajax after 45 minutes of football played between the two of them for the day.

Second Half Report

The second half of the game was closely matched between the two of them who have a good account of themselves once again in the game.

Ajax did so well making sure they had their say as the match continued with so much coming from the home side who were in control of more ball possession as it carried on.

Liverpool couldn’t make anything happen as they continue to do everything in their power to make sure they restored their lead which failed to happen as they approach 60 minutes.

The game was looking like it will end in a draw as they were just few minutes left before a goal from Joel Matip which was scored in the 89th minute making it 2-1.

The encounter finished with Liverpool claiming a narrow 2-1 win against Ajax after 90 minutes of football which was played at Anfield in the UEFA Champions League.

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Watch Highlights Below:


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