Gunner Vincent Calaway Bio Undertaker Son

Gunner Vincent Calaway is a young working-class man and son of the WWE star Undertaker.

He is the first child out of four children of the Wrestler Champ, and he chooses a different field from his family.

He happens to take over some of his father’s resemblance and also some of his attributes too.

Gunner Vincent Calaway Biography

He was born in 1993 in the United States of America; we do not know his actual date of birth.

Gunner Vincent Calaway is a child of an international wrestler popularly known as Undertaker and his mother, Jodi Lynn.

He is 29 years old as of 2022; he has already marked his birthday for the year.

His date and month of birth have not been public; therefore, his Zodiac sign is unknown for the time being.

His parents have so much love for him, and in return, he continues to make them proud by ensuring he follows the right path in life.

Vincent and his family have devoted Christians and peaceful people in their community regardless of his father’s display on television.

The 29-year-old is the oldest among his father’s children and has three other siblings, although from different mothers.

His mother’s name is Jordi Lynn; she is a businesswoman doing so well for herself.

His father’s name is Mark William Calaway; he is a professional WWE wrestler and goes by the name The Undertaker.

Their family is well known across the globe for the success of his father, who is a legend in the entertainment and sports world.

Gunner Vincent Calaway is a fantastic person who has grown a lot from childhood.

Undertaker Son

Gunner Vincent Calaway is the son of a professional WWE wrestler Mark William Calaway, the Undertaker.

The relationship he shares with his father is good but not the perfect one knowing that he is no more married to his mother.

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Despite their differences in life, the father and son always find time to hang out together.

The Undertaker was once married to Gunner Vincent Calaway’s mother for a very long time before they ended things as a married couple.

His parents dated during the 80s when they were much younger after meeting each other at an event where they had a good conversation.

In 1989, his mother got married to the Undertaker, and they were both firmly in love with each other.

Unfortunately, their marriage could only last ten years as they finally got separated in 1999 when they both also were divorced officially.

The reason for his parent’s divorce is still unknown as they both decided to take the step away from each other as husband and wife.

His parent’s divorce did not affect their love for him as they were always in his life during special events and celebrations.

Gunner Education

Gunner grew up with good education as his parents made every provision from when he was a child until he grew up.

He is an intelligent person who also made sure he took his education seriously, just like his other siblings who did the same.

As a child, his parents were more involved in his education, mostly his mother, as his father was always busy with work.

His first school was close to their home, and his mother always ensured she took him to school until he could go by himself.

His development was good, and he made his parents proud by making himself one of the best students in his school.

He also had the opportunity of progressing into college as a teenager.

Gunner Vincent Calaway had more freedom and could attend a school far his home.

He completed his schooling in a higher institution with Full Sail University in the United States of America.

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He is a graduate with a degree in video game art, something most people might find hard to understand.

Gunner Siblings

Gunner Vincent Calaway has a lot of siblings; some are not from the same mother but one father.

He has three sisters who are all from another mother.

The names of his sisters are; Chasey Calaway, Kaia Faith Calaway, and Gracie Calaway, all related to him by their father, the Undertaker.

He is the eldest of all the children in his family, who are four in number.

Their family is happy despite how things look between them, and find time to see each other and hang out.

They have family time in which all the children get to be with their father, who takes them on an outing and to events.

Gunner shared a great bond with his sisters as he spent some of his time staying together with them.

Gunner Vincent Calaway’s Net Worth

He has a net worth of $500,000. Gunner Calaway works as a freelancer and entrepreneur.

His net worth includes some entitlement from his father.

He comes from a wealthy family, which is an advantage for him, ensuring he follows through the same pathway.

His father is a professional wrestler and famous actor worth $17,000,000 million as of 2022.

Gunner did not follow the same road as his father in becoming a wrestler as he is not in for such a lifestyle.

He is a freelancer, YouTuber, and video game geek who is also well-known for his work.

He runs a Twitch page where he sometimes lives streaming himself, playing video games, and doing other stuff for a living.

Gunner Vincent Calaway does not live a lavish lifestyle as he is someone who always likes to run solo.

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