Paige Milian Bio Raheem Sterling Wife

Paige Milian is a model, Instagram star, and the wife of Chelsea player Raheem Sterling.

She is known to be one of the famous British models besides being a player lover, and she is well-known for her personality.

She is a beautiful lady who has pursued her ambition since she was a child.

Paige Milian Biography

She was born on December 1, 1995 in London, United Kingdom. Paige will be a 27-year-old coming this December 2022.

She is not a WAG kind of lady, so most of her personal information is not known to the public as she choices to keep them private.

Paige Milian’s Zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and of course, she is such an intelligent and hardworking lady and very accommodating.

She is an active Instagram star with about 105k followers, which she shares most of her life journey and work.

She consistently gives her fans a reason to visit her page by posting some of her beautiful family pictures.

However, Paige went to an outstanding high school in London, and her parents ensured she had the best as a child to stand out among her peers.

The beautiful mother of two graduated as an accountant from one of the prestigious universities in London.

Her mother’s name is still out of the record as she hasn’t opened up and is keeping her family business private.

The same goes for her father, who we still can’t find anything about him, but there will be an update once that information is out.

The 27-year-old has never posted or introduced anyone as her siblings, so no one knows if she has other siblings.

Paige Milian is doing well for herself and her family despite having her husband, who can provide everything.

Despite being a mother, she still gives time to her business as she is the boss of her work.

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She is known to be a supportive wife and a caring mother to her husband and children, as she is always with her husband at the stadium.

Raheem Sterling Wife

Raheem Sterling is an international footballer and husband of Paige Milian.

He was born on December 8, 1994 in Jamaica, although he and his parents later moved to London, where he grew up.

However, considering the couple’s age, Sterling is just a year older than his pretty wife, which makes them perfect for each other.

Raheem Sterling started his career at an early age playing for a local academy, thanks to his parents.

He was already playing in a competition for the young ranks of Queen Park Rangers at the age of 10.

He became famous in London because of his excellent performance, and his talent was none to be in comparison; this made him decide to join the Liverpool academy.

Since his debut, he has continued to do so much for himself as a football player and also a role model to many people.

Paige Education

Paige Milian’s education is one many others dream of getting and putting to good use.

She is thriving in her education in every aspect of her life, which pays so well for her today.

Her family is one who had their priorities set straight, with education being one of them when Paige was growing up.

Her mother monitored her closely concerning the aspect of her getting educated.

She attended a primary school that was secured and closer to her home, which was a decision made by both of her parents.

As a little girl, Paige focused more on school and ensuring she was the best student in her class.

Her grades were impeccable as her parents continued to shower her with lots of praise and support to ensure she remained focused.

Her high school was also another one in her community which her parents also tailored her.

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She soon gained freedom when she enrolled in the University and was also in the United Kingdom.

At the time of her studies at the University, she was already doing other side hustles to make sure she had a backup plan.

Her stay in the higher institution shapes her to be the woman she is of today, who is confident and doing so well in the real world.

She is a graduate; she studied business at the University, and today, she is doing well as a career woman.

Paige Career

Paige Milian is a successful woman doing so well for herself as she came out with the best degrees.

She is the manager of Colossal Sports Management, which she and her team of experts run.

She is also running another company that deals with real estate and properties in London.

Her real estate management company is Milian Property Group which is single-handedly run by her alone.

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She is her boss and a very successful woman who does much to establish herself in the real world.

Her relationship with Raheem Sterling helped push things for her to that next level, as the whole world knows what she does.

Her success isn’t just tied to her relationship with her husband, as she did build everything from scratch.

Paige Milian Children

Paige Milian is a mother of two children she gave birth to with Raheem Sterling.

Her relationship is solid and keeps going well for her and her partner, who are fully committed to each other.

She gave birth to her first child Thiago Sterling who is a boy and still a little kid for now.

He was born on the 16th of January 2017 in London, United Kingdom; he is five years old as of 2022.

Her second child’s name is Thai Sterling, who is also another son; she was born in May 2019 and is three years old.

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Paige and Raheem Sterling have a happy and beautiful family who are always together.

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