FT: Tottenham 1-2 Liverpool, Mo Salah Hit BRACE! (VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Mohamed Salah scored a brace as Liverpool beat Tottenham 1-2 in the English Premier League, Breaking Sport News reports.

First Half Report

The first half of the encounter was all about the away side doing all the goal scoring going forward in the 45 minutes which there was a lot of opportunities.

Liverpool had to wait until the 11th minute to score the opening goal of the match which saw Darwin Nunez setup Mohamed Salah who made the scoreline 0-1 as it carried on.

Tottenham were so poor in making sure they get something as the match pushed on with them having to deal with a lot of pressure as they carried on for the remainder of the game.

Mohamed Salah doubled his goal for the day in the 40th minute which saw the Reds making the scoreline 0-2 in what was an incredible finish from the Egyptian who made it his brace.

Nothing else happened as the first half came to an end with Liverpool taking a 0-2 advantage heading into the break against Tottenham who couldn’t make anything happen.

Second Half Report

The second half opened up goal with the away side maintaining their advantage which took them 45 minutes to make sure they scored both of their goals.

Liverpool carried on with good composure which saw them holding on as the game hit the one hour mark with their lead still intact while they deal with pressure coming from their opponent.

Harry Kane was able to finish off as Tottenham scored in the 72nd minutes of the game which saw things coming to 1-2 as things carried on with Antonio Conte getting booked with a yellow card.

Alot more continue to come but it wasn’t just good enough to beat the defenders and goalkeeper to make any goal of sort happen for the team.

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The match ended with Liverpool claiming a 1-2 victory against Tottenham which earn them all three points moving upward in the Premier League table.

Watch Highlights Below:

2nd GOAL

3rd GOAL

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