Billy Beane Daughter: Casey Beane Bio

Casey Beane is a businesswoman and the daughter of legendary baseball player Billy Beane.

She is a popular figure amongst all her siblings due to how successful she is despite coming from the same family.

Her life has also attracted much media attention as she has been instrumental in running a lot attached to her family name.

Casey Beane Biography

She was born in the United States of America, but no information about her actual birthday is available.

Casey Beane is a woman who should be in her mid-30s, judging by her physical appearance.

She comes from a family of the white race, like her parents.

She grew up with the Christianity religion, which she inherited from her family, who are all devoted Christians.

Casey Beane is a full citizen of the United States of America, and she stands 5.8 inches in height.

There is enough wealth in her family thanks to her father, an iconic figure in the baseball world.

As a child, she was blessed with everything so many other kids wished they had during their childhood.

She did have a positive growing up, which helped her to become the woman she is today in the real world.

Her father’s name is Billy Beane. He is a former Baseball player with an iconic statue to his identity.

Her mother’s name is Cathy Sturdivant; there is not much info concerning her personal life or job.

Casey Beane has a stepmother named Tara Beane, who is the current wife to her father.

She also grew up with her half-siblings related to her through sharing the same father.

Her half-siblings are Brayden Bean and Tinsley Bean, and they all have a solid relationship despite not having the same mother.

Growing up, she had a smooth life, and both parents ensured everything was always available.

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Billy Beane Daughter

Casey Beane is the daughter of Billy Beane, an iconic figure in baseball.

They both share a good daughter and father relationship, which has been going smoothly.

Casey has always been a massive fan of her father, a prominent figure in the world of sports.

She openly embraces the spotlight made available by her father and he helped her move to places.

Casey Beane has full respect and admiration for her father, Billy Beane, who has achieved much in his career.

Despite how public she might look, Casey isn’t as active on social media as many other celebrity children.

She is all about working and being severe with herself; many who have studied her know she is also a private person.

Casey works closely with her father, Billy Beane, and they have made much for themselves working together.

She remains the closest child to Billy Beane and the eldest of all children in the family.

Casey Career

Casey Beane has enjoyed success in many career ventures, some she did in the past and others she still does.

She is an associate who works with finance and accounting in the department at Citadel LLC in Chicago, Illinois.

Apart from her job, she has ventured into other things, which also brought about speculation of her being a singer.

The rumors of her being a singer came to reality after her involvement in a movie when she was much younger years ago.

Casey portrays a character named Kerris Dorsey in the television film which is titled Moneyball.

Moneyball was released in 2011, and she played a massive role in the film adopted from a book by American author Michael Lewis.

Brad Pitt, alongside Casey and her father, also featured in the movie which was about Billy Beane.

She played a role as a singer in the movie, which went on to become a massive success in Hollywood.

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The film had six award nominations which certified how much the movie took over the box office upon its release.

She also has success in other stuff, which has helped her gain more fame already made available by her father.

Casey Beane’s Net Worth

She has a net worth of $100,000. Casey Beane earns from different sources of revenue.

She have enjoyed success in many places she has ventured into to make something for herself.

She is one motivated woman who push well to make things happen for herself.

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Despite already having a platform for herself, she has made sure things fall in place by making moves.

Her current source of income remains her job in the finance world.

Aside from her wealth, she inherited a few from her father, who is worth more than Casey.

She also enjoys a lavish lifestyle which is all provided by her parents since childhood, which has always been her thing.

Today, there is barely any information about Casey’s personal life, relationship, or if she has any children.

She enjoys a private life in which she can provide anything avoiding the eyes of the public or media.

Casey Beane is wealthy enough for herself, and her father is most happy for his daughter’s success.

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