Shreyas Iyer Girlfriend: Nikitha Shiv Unveiled!

Nikitha Shiv is a successful CEO, businesswoman, and the girlfriend of Cricket player Shreyas Iyer.

She is also a tech geek, a professional software engineer, and a well-known figure in the whole of India.

Her success is a result of her hard work and growing up, which also added to the name her partner has made for himself.

Nikitha Shiv Biography

She was born in Bengaluru, Karnataka, in India. Her age is unavailable as of this point.

Her date of birth is unavailable as she hasn’t revealed anything concerning her personal life.

Her age is unknown, but judging from her appearance, she could pass for someone in her mid-30s.

She is of Indian nationality, and the same can be said for every family member.

Her mother’s name is Beena. she is the only known parent involved in her life since childhood.

Her father’s name is not available. We don’t know if he was involved in her life or was a deadbeat dad.

She also has a sibling with who they still share a good relationship despite having separate life of their own.

She did her growing up in Bengaluru, Karnataka, which is also the same place she resides today.

She practices the Hinduism religion, which is outside the everyday Muslim or Christian religion which is not so popular in India.

Her background is sketchy as she did not provide enough information to confirm her personal life.

Shreyas Iyer Girlfriend

Nikitha Shiv is the girlfriend of professional Indian international cricketer Shreyas Iyer.

Their relationship is relatively low-key and might also be speculation, as nothing is confirmed.

Despite how the story looks between the couple, they are going strong together and doing everything possible to avoid the media.

She and Shreyas Iyer are putting their affair off the media, making people speculate but not have complete information.

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They have yet to confirm if there is anything of sorts going on between them as the speculations keep growing.

Aside from their relationship, she and Shreyas Iyer are doing well in their respective careers, which has them on call always.

Nikitha has many business ventures that consume her time and are also why her relationship with Shreyas could be better.

The pair are yet to confirm their relationship due to so many reasons, which mostly have to do with their respective careers.

They are always busy running things as their team’s head and need more time for anything else.

Nikitha Shiv and Shreyas Iyer might also be taking things slow to ensure they fully understand each other.

The public can’t wait for the couple to come out and confirm, as the rumors are looking to continue for a while.

Nikitha Shiv and Shreyas Iyer have yet to confirm whether they are in a relationship with each other despite the reported claims that have been making headlines.

Nikitha Education

Nikitha Shiv’s education is one perfect record in which a lot of investment from her parents came in to do most of the work.

She had everything worked out from her younger age, with the main focus on getting her education.

When she was little, her parents had to make sure they did all in their power to start her education in a good nursery school.

She grew up in her Nursery school, learning a lot so quickly that she had to move into higher classes.

As a young girl, she was much more interested in the tech stuff while attending her senior school.

She continued to grow with more focus on being a tech student all through her teenage years, which saw her joining a team in her school.

Nikitha continues her education, passing through all the average-age grades and high school before entering the University.

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She had her degree at the Manipal University of Technology from her hometown country India.

Nikitha Shiv graduated in 2015 as one of the most promising students, which saw her immediately getting picked up by a software company.

Nikitha Career

Nikitha Shiv is a businesswoman, a software engineer, and the CEO of her company.

She is a successful woman doing well in her career and is valued as a primary key player.

Her education opened many doors for her in the real world, and today she is striving for more success.

Upon graduating from the University, she landed jobs along the line of some top software company names, including Dell and many others.

While working, she had dealings with mostly India-based companies where she worked as a software engineer.

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The business side of her is also another place where she achieved so much success for herself along the way.

She worked at a point with Zinnov as their Business Development Lead, which lasted for eight months.

Nikitha Shiv is the CEO and founder of Mana Network and BAR episodes based in India today.

Nikitha Shiv’s Net Worth

Nikitha Shiv’s net worth is $2 Million from her jobs and personal ventures in her career.

She owns many businesses in India, where she has a lot of ties she has established over the years.

As a software engineer, she makes many things happen that many today enjoy on their PCs and Laptops.

Her own company added so much to ensuring she amassed a lot of income, doubling what she was worth a few years ago.

Nikitha Shiv’s success is beyond measure, just like her boyfriend Shreyas Iyer, a successful cricket player making a lot of money.

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