FT: Everton 1-0 Arsenal, Sean Dyche Sink GUNNERS! (VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Everton claimed a 1-0 victory against Arsenal at their home ground under a new manager, Breaking Sport News reports.

Sean Dyche kicked off his campaign as the new boss in Goodison Park with a victory against table leaders in a heated game.

First Half Report 

Both teams had their own fair share of the first half which was filled with wasted opportunities from both end of the pitch with no one able to make something.

Arsenal were pretty much dominating things from their end looking to outclassed their opponent who did not give them any chance or room for penetration.

Everton were very much a different team who did all in their power to ensure the ball wasnt far from them and they were always ready to tidy things up going forward.

No goal with them entering the final minutes left in the first half which was still about opportunities created and wasted between themselves.

The first half came to an end with Everton holding Arsenal to a 0-0 scoreline which both of them couldn’t make anything happen all through.

Second Half Report 

The second half was key and both teams knew what they had to do in ensuring they make something clinical happen from their end.

Arsenal were still in control of things but they couldn’t make anything of a goal happen in the match which was slowly moving on.

Everton scored in the 60th minutes through a wicked finish from James Tarkowski which made the scoreline 1-0 as they carried on playing as their lives depends on the match.

Jorginho wasn’t enjoying his debut as the goal was scored when he came for Thomas Partey who seems to be struggling to cope with the match going forward.

The match ended with Everton claiming a 1-0 victory against Arsenal after 90 minutes of hard work coming from the home team in the encounter.

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Watch Highlights Below:

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