FT: Inter Milan 1-0 Porto, Lukaku STRIKES! (VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Inter Milan have defeated Porto by a lone goal in Champions League round 16 first leg tie at the San Siro, Breaking Sport News reports.

First Half Report

It was a balanced game as the referee set the game rolling, with both sides trying to get the better of the other.

Inter Milan effectively utilized the home advantage to have a slight dominance over ball possession, but could not made it count.

Resolute defending and a more competitive display by the Portuguese giants made the game difficult for Inter.

Porto competed strongly for ball possession and were equally deadly when launching attacks.

Both sides failed to find the back of the net after a dragging first half with Inter Milan being held by the visitors.

At the end of the first half, Inter Milan wielded 58%of the ball possession with 6 attempts and two on target.

Porto managed 42% of the ball possession, having 4 attempts and one on target. The first half ended goalless.

Second Half Report

Nothing changed as the second half of the game began, with both sides trying to record an opener.

Inter Milan ramped up their attempt to find a goal as they maintained dominance in the game.

Both sides came across some chances but were unable to convert them as the game progressed.

Inter Milan began to hold absolute dominance in the game in the final minutes, and Lukaku finally put the home side ahead in the 80th minute.

The match ended with the Serie outfit grabbing a deserved 1-0 win over the Portuguese side.

Video Highlights



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