FT: Manchester United 3-1 Fulham, Devils Reach FA Cup SEMIFINAL! (VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Manchester United came from behind to beat Fulham 2-1 in the Emirates FA Cup quarterfinal, Breaking Sport News reports.

The Old Trafford club advance into the semifinal stages which they will be hoping to make a double this season with the FA Cup.

First Half Report 

Both teams had it fair in the first half which they did a lot from their end. It wasn’t so easy from both teams who pushed a lot.

Fulham came into the game as the less better of both teams going forward. They did well at the start making sure their defending was on point.

Manchester United couldn’t make anything happen from their end despite seeing more of the ball which Jadon Sancho was heavily involved.

No goal happened in the match between the both of them as they continued creating opportunities on goal but none was able to hit the target with them left with few minutes.

Manchester United settled for a 0-0 goalless scored scoreline heading inside for the break. Fulham were good enough to ensure they kept their opponent from scoring.

Second Half Report 

The second half wasn’t a good one for the away who completed the remainder of the encounter without two players.

Manchester United continued the game well until Aleksandar Mitrovic scored a stunning goal in the 50th minutes which was able to make it 0-1.

Fulham were pleased with their goal as they held on well before Willian handled the ball inside the box in the 72rd minutes which saw him sent off alongside Aleksandar Mitrovic.

Bruno Fernandes benefitted from the sending off as he scored from the penalty in the 75th minutes of the game to make the scoreline 1-1.

Marcel Sabitzer scored in the 77th minutes of the game which was able to give the home side a 2-1 lead from a wonderful finish in the encounter.

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Bruno Fernandes made it his brace in the 90th minutes plus additional time which was able to make it 3-1 as the match pushed on between them.

The match ended with Manchester United claiming a 3-1 victory. Fulham couldn’t make anything happen as they crashed out while the home side advance.

Watch Highlight Below:


2nd GOAL


3rd GOAL


4th GOAL

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