FT: Portugal 4-0 Liechtenstein, Cristiano Ronaldo Score FREE KICK! (VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Portugal thrashed Liechtenstein 4-0 in their opening game for the Euro 2024 qualifiers match, Breaking Sport News reports.

Cristiano Ronaldo made a record appearance of 197 and also scored twice in the encounter for his side in the match.

First Half Report 

It was a good start to the first half from both Nations who made sure they were heavily involved in playing a lot.

Liechtenstein came in prepared knowing the quality they were up against on the pitch which wasted no time in showing up.

Both sides did enough until Joao Cancelo scored a shocker which got the goalkeeper by surprise to make the scoreline 1-0 in the 8th minutes for Portugal.

The game pushed on further with so much happening between the two of them who did well enough with their defending but no goal was recorded.

Portugal took a 1-0 advantage into the break after 45 minutes of football which happened between them and Liechtenstein who were not bad.

Second Half Report 

The second half was another one from both sides who knew what they needed to do to make sure everything goes their way in the match.

Portugal doubled their advantage in the 47th minutes of the match which came from Manchester City man Bernardo Silva who made things 2-0.

Liechtenstein could keep calm as they concede a penalty which saw Cristiano Ronaldo making it count in the 51st minutes 3-0 as they carried on.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored in the 63rd minutes of the encounter which was able to see him make the scoreline 4-0 and a brace for himself in the match.

The game carried on with some new changes happening on the pitch, but it couldn’t change anything on the result which stayed the same entering the final minutes.

Portugal claimed a 4-0 victory with Cristiano Ronaldo setting a record which came with a brace against Liechtenstein after 90 minutes of football.

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Watch Highlights Below:


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