Adesanya Reclaims UFC Belt With A Knockout Vs Pereira | WATCH VIDEO

Israel Adesanya have knocked out his opponent Pereira to reclaim his UFC middlewight belt, Breaking Sport News reports.

He became the Champion during the UFC 287 main event which saw the Nigeria reclaiming his glory.

Adesanya have been talk tough before the fight which he claims he is coming to take back what belongs to him.

Pereira was the Champion who came in the fight having already claimed the belt beating the same opponent.

Both fighters made it their fourth fight last night which Pereira had the upper hand of already beating Adesanya twice already.

He took the belt twice with a TKO which had placed the Nigeria low behind him and the odds didn’t favor the challenger.

Adesanya made sure their fourth fight was where he could get the job after trying more than once to reclaim his belt.

He froze Pereira with a right hand hook in the second round of their fight which saw him finishing him off with a one and two including a hammer fist to end things.

The win was one which many expected to come hard knowing how competitive both fighters have been in their career.

Israel Adesanya have kept to his words by bringing down the Champion to once again be the number middleweight fighter.

Watch Fight Video Below:


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