Kc Chiefs Owner Wife: Tavia Shackles Bio

Tavia Shackles is a multi-titled American beauty queen, philanthropist, and Kc Chiefs Owner Wife.

She also became active in the United States fashion scene by helping to organize runway events.

In addition, she became famous as the spouse of NFL team owner and Kansas City Chiefs president and CEO Clark Hunt.

Tavia Shackles Biography

She was born August 1, 1971, in Missouri. Tavia Shackles is a 51-year-old woman today.

Her birthday for 2023 comes up in August, and she will have many people come together to celebrate her getting older.

She did not mention any brothers or sisters. Thus she must be her parents’ lone child.

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Her father’s name is David Shackles. He is a businessman and a well-known individual in the United States.

Her mother’s name is Ramona Lakin Shackles. She is a socialized woman who also dabbles in business.

She finished her education at Lee’s Summit School which happened in 1989.

Later, she proceeded to the University of Missouri where she a degree was given to her in Political science.

She became a staple of pageant culture at a young age, winning multiple prestigious crowns.

She entered her first contest and immediately became Miss Lee of her hometown.

In 1990, she continued her success by being named Miss Missouri Teen USA.

She self-assuredly entered the Miss Teen USA competition and eventually placed in the top 12.

Bridgette Wilson, an actress from Oregon, was crowned Miss Oregon instead of Tavia.

Tavia Career

Tavia Shackles is a former professional model, television personality, and successful businessperson.

She competed in Miss USA after being crowned Miss Kansas in 1993. She had a lot of sensation in her modeling profession.

She placed second at the Miss USA pageant, losing out to Kenya Moore of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” fame.

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In addition, Erin Nance, the beauty competition 1st runner-up, wed Tavia’s cousin, Albert Hill III.

She is a top professional who has contributed much to making her name famous.

She has held on to her success story over the years, which has also helped her remain focused.

She was already making fame before meeting her husband, a tycoon in his profession.

Kc Chiefs Owner Wife

Tavia Shackles is the Kc Chiefs owner’s wife, Clark Hunt by name, and a successful businessman.

She was married to celebrity Clark Hunt for 25 years when their relationship flourished.

They courted for some time and then got engaged in 1991.

They’ve been married for 25 years, having made their relationship legal on October 23, 1993.

Hunt, the leader, and owner of the Kansas City football team are briefly considered by the wife.

In addition, Gracie (Gracelyn), Ava, and Knobel Hunt joined the family.

Tavia Shackles Net Worth

Her net worth is $1 million. She made all her financial growth through her profession.

Her revenue and earnings have been growing fast over the past years as she continues to work.

She isn’t the kind to lay all her responsibilities on her husband who is a billionaire.

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However, she did not discuss how much money she made each year or her salary.

However, her husband’s current wealth is thought to be around $2 billion.

Her husband is one of the world’s richest individuals with ties with many companies and people.

He is a tycoon who has been able to invest and make a lot for himself in his lifetime.

Tavia Shackles’ success reflects what is seen in her husband, the Kc Chiefs Owner.

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