FT: AC Milan 0-2 Inter, Edin Dzeko STRIKES! (VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Inter Milan put on a masterclass display as they smashed AC Milan 0-2 in the Champions League first leg, Breaking Sport News reports.

The visitors had their striker Edin Dzeko making sure he lead the goal scoring which put his side in an advance position into the final.

First Half Report 

The first half was beautiful coming from the away side who had to make sure that they got the job done under 45 minutes played.

Inter Milan came into the match prepared with a lot on their sleeves which saw them making it 0-1 in the 8th minutes of the game after a beautiful finish from Edin Dzeko as the match carried on.

AC Milan were stunned but couldn’t find a way of getting ahead of things in the match which saw Henrikh Mkhitaryan making the scoreline 0-2 in the 11th minutes.

The match was one which came as a surprise to so many fans who came into the Stadium expecting to see a game which could have turned out in another way between them.

Inter Milan cruised into the first half break with a 0-2 lead against AC Milan who did so much but couldn’t make anything come to play as they finished 45 minutes.

Second Half Report 

The second half was close between both teams who did so well defending but for the home side it was a fight they pushed all through.

Inter Milan pushed on with the game looking to hold on to their lead which they did so well and also had their eyes on pushing for another goal.

AC Milan kept on exploring every possible option available to them in attempt of trying to make a comeback which didn’t come for them.

The game entered the final 10 minutes of regular time with the scoreline still the same in favor of the visitors who were okay to make sure the match stays the same.

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Inter Milan completed the job by beating AC Milan 0-2 in shocking fashion which placed them one leg away from reaching the UEFA Champions League final.

Watch Highlights Below:

2nd GOAL

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