FT: Valencia 1-0 Real Madrid, Blancos Suffer More MISERY! (VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Valencia played out a 1-0 victory against Real Madrid who saw their season collapse in their eyes, Breaking Sport News reports.

The Los Blancos wasn’t their usual self as they couldn’t make anything happen in their game which they could have made something good happen.

First Half Report

The first half was good between both teams, but it was the home side who made sure everything went their way in the 45 minutes.

Real Madrid came into the match knowing they have already lost any chance of making a comeback for the League title which Barcelona already won.

Valencia did well from their end to ensure they had same fighting chance as their opponent who dominated play at a certain point in the match.

The home side took the lead in the 33rd minutes of the match which made the scoreline 1-0 thanks to a wonderful goal scored by Diego Lopez Noguerol as they push on.

Valencia headed inside for the break with a 1-0 lead against Real Madrid who were second best in the encounter after a good 45 minutes of football between them.

Second Half Report

The second half was another one which saw so much coming from both who had to put in a lot of efforts from their end to ensure something happens.

Real Madrid stayed on in the game but their attempt to make anything happen was just so bad and couldn’t work out pushing on.

Valencia did enough from their end to make sure things were suitable for them to carry out their operation without risking losing their lead in the game.

The match entered the final few minutes with so much more happening, but the goal wasn’t coming for the away side who needed something to happen.

Valencia ended the match with a 1-0 victory against Real Madrid after 90 minutes of football which the visitors once again suffer another defeat for the season.

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Watch Highlight Below:


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