EPL Referees, Michael Oliver And Saudi FA Talks Over Deal CONFIRMED!

Premier League referees including Michael Oliver are now holding talks with Saudi FA over joining their League, Breaking Sport News reports.

The move is one which have been muted for a while as the approach was made but no concrete evidence of it happening.

Premier League referees could be seen in due time officiating in the Saudi Arabia professional League if all talks go down well with parties involved.

Saudi FA are doing everything to make sure they have one of the best Leagues in the World after recruiting so many big players from England and Europe.

Cristiano Ronaldo move to Al Nassr seems to have paved the way and urged the Saudi Arabia to invest more on their League.

This summer window was the biggest as so many names made their way including Kareem Benzema who opted out of a new Real Madrid contract.

According to report reaching us from Fabrizio Romano, he confirmed the ongoing talk between the referees and Saudi FA happening today.

Here Is What Was Said:

“Saudi FA approacing several Premier League referees to join Saudi Pro League!

“According to The Telegraph, many referees are in contact with Saudis to discuss this opportunity…

“Also, Michael Oliver has been approached.

There were also talks of the Saudi Arabia League wanting a spots in the UEFA Champions League which was shutdown with nothing pushing forward.

The referee from Premier League to Saudi Arabia might be the only thing they are able to achieve in their quest to make their Football League global.

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